No smoking in any form is allowed within any of the premises, this includes vaping and the use of devices such as the Hookah.

Guests are requested to please smoke outside the buildings and rooms.

No Littering

We have rubbish bins located around the premises, please use them. Failure to do so could incur additional costs.

No Alcohol /Drugs

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. If caught with this contraband, offenders will be removed from the premises without any refunds.

No Fires

Due to the dry weather especially in winter we don’t allow any fires on the premises other than the designated fire pit.



We have 24 hour security cameras, all of which record, for your peace of mind.

Electric Fence

We have a high voltage electric fence around our premesis for safety purposes, please don’t touch it.



Solar Power

We have a solar power installation, which prevents power outs from stage 1-4 load shedding.

No touching or feeding animals

We have some wonderful wildlife, but in order to ensure your safety, please do not attempt to touch or feed the wildlife on the premises.