Humble Beginnings

The concept and idea of Mpati Bush Camp originated in 1993

A great need was felt for a location where youth and school groups could be accommodated  and trained in the area. Initially the Farm-Church’s facilities were used for this purpose. Then in 2002, the first groundwork for what was to become Mpati Bush Camp was completed. In 2004 small accommodation units were added to the complex.

Ever since, Mpati Bush Camp has been growing and expanding to what it is today. The Dorms were added to increase accommodation capacity. Then our large conferencing facility was added together with an ablution block.

In 2018, we completed 10 additional rooms. In the future we aim add a large heated indoor swimming pool complex and to increase our accommodation capacity to 350 beds.

Hard Work

Mpati Bush Camp would like to say thank you

Mpati Bush Camp would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the individuals that have worked very hard over the years to make our facilities a reality.

Especially would we like to say thank you to the individuals that have funded construction work over the years and those that have worked long hours maintaining and upgrading our facilities. Your contributions are considered invaluable and we cannot even begin to express our gratitude in words.

May the God that created Heaven and Earth recompense you both in this life and the life to come.

Annual Camps at Mpati Bush Camp

Each year, we host a number of Christian youth camps such as the Junior & Teen Winter Camp, Youth Fest and the No Guts No Glory Camp.

Junior and Teen Winter camp is for kids aged 6 – 17 years and aims to nurture and grow young people spiritually. Winter camp is also great fun with lots of activities and exiting things to do. Junior and Teen Winter camp is hosted by Abundant Life. For more information, visit their website at

YouthFest is a week of spiritual revival where youth from all over South Africa gather to fellowship and worship together, at what has become a yearly spiritual highlight for them. Youth fest has been hosted by Abundant Life since 1996 and has grown immensely in the following years. An international speaker, along with many other local pastors and spirit filled young people are brought in to host YouthFest and to enlighten us with inspired messages and seminars.